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Are We Not A Democracy? (Trump Election Backlash)
        I originally created this account for the sole purpose of commentating on current social and political issues that are of importance to me, all the while not calling out any particular political party. This is still where I stand, but I find myself unable to remain silent on the insanity which has currently gripped politics.
I will say Trump was far from being my first choice of candidate (like Hillary). I consider myself as more of a leftist on many issues, but on days like these, I would be too ashamed to ever wear such a label. I am sick of feminist, LGBT, BLM social justice warriors, and other liberal lunatics resorting toward the juvenile/criminal practices of rioting and demonizing people based on who they vote for.
The question it boils down to is, do we have a democracy, or not? YES, Trump was elected president of the United States, for better or worse depending on your opinion. He WILL be president the next four years unless some “liberal luna
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Lisa Hansen
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

I was born in 1978 in Michigan. I currently live in Maryland with my mom. I've been a vegetarian since 1993. I'm pansexual (gender-blind), very shy, have Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I dig butch/tomboy gals & pudgy/older guys who are outgoing/goofy, punk/goth/rocker styles & shy/dorky/unique people. I spend most of my time doing photography & pretty much just frequent Instagram when I'm online. Fan of various people such as (in no particular order) Hannes Hellmann, Ian McKellen, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Brian Cox (actor), Vincent Price, Kirstie Alley, Rutger Hauer, Anthony Hopkins (& Hannibal Lecter), Geoffrey Rush (& Captain Barbossa), Ted Kennedy (& the Kennedy family), Dudley Moore & Doc Ock. Music taste varies (ie Beatles, Falco, Cranberries, NIN, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Courtney Love, Nirvana, Evanescence, HIM, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Beethoven, oldies, 80s, 90s, gothic, industrial, etc). I like vampires & zombies.

I have a fascination with Hermann Goering, Adolf Hitler & WWII Germany. It's a hobby, not a way of life. I've had a historical, NON-political, interest in the Third Reich for many years. I've also been fond of Donald Trump (before the politics so don't assume we have the same political views) for decades.

I keep my friends to a minimum (not good at keeping caught up & not very social), but feel free to find me online if you want.


♥ Iain Glen / Dr. Isaacs ("Resident Evil")
♥ Rex Harrison
♥ Ciarán Hinds
♥ Alan Rickman
♥ Richard Burton
♥ Vincent Price
♥ Anthony Hopkins / Hannibal Lecter


❹ Tumblr: OckGal | Actor Brian Cox | Hannes Hellmann | Ian McKellen | Vincent Price | Geoffrey Rush | Rutger Hauer | Anthony Hopkins | Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen) | Ted Kennedy | Richard Burton | Rex Harrison | Ciarán Hinds | Alan Rickman


Haven't really been online much any more. My mom recently got me an awesome new Nikon P530 CoolPix camera and have been taking a lot of photos with it. I spend most of my time on Instagram and that's where I put all my photos. If you're on there, feel free to follow me. I follow back!

I removed pretty much all my friends on here since I don't come here any more and can't keep up. Lost touch with everyone, anyway. Hope everyone reading this is well.
  • Watching: The King Of Queens
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


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